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Advantages of Hiring a Day-Of-Coordinator

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 Hiring a Day-Of-Coordinator

Peace of mind is the primary benefit of hiring a day coordinator. Despite how carefully we organize each event, mistakes can still occur. Items are missing behind the scenes, delicate floral arrangements need to be carefully moved to an alternate location, a bridesmaid dress has a rip, and Grandpa needs assistance with his boutonniere. 
Other, much more difficult scenarios do, however, occasionally arise. For instance, guests have begun arriving at the church, but the flower arrangements that were scheduled to arrive and be installed ahead of their arrival are yet to appear; you have unique decor items that the venue won't handle; or you are worried about staying on schedule, so you don't miss important parts of your eagerly anticipated day.


Additionally, a day-of-coordinator may also help you work with your vendors so that everyone is on the same page, review your vendor contracts, handle logistics, and be the point person for family and friends. 

The name "day-of-coordinator" is misleading because we work with the couple over several weeks, if not months, keeping track of the vendors' finalization, getting to know the team you've put together for your big day, creating timelines to ensure everything runs smoothly, and more.

We can also assist you with the wedding planning, but if you've already decided to handle everything yourself, you can engage us to ensure that your vision and plan are carried out as intended. 

For a free consultation, get in touch with us. We'd love to learn more about your upcoming special day.

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